$116MM AUM | $750,000 GDC in Encino, CA

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My main goal is grow by acquisition. I would like to utilize this website to connect with advisors who want to optimize and transition their clients to expert, dependable and caring hands. Our team helps advisors transition either gradually or quickly or anywhere in between. My team focuses on optimizing the advisor's book of business while we integrate the practice, allowing the advisor to potentially receive a higher value than initially assessed.
Our team consists of myself as lead wealth manager, a partner financial advisor, and an assistant. We focus on holistic financial planning for each of my clients and their families. I give the care and attention to each client as would if they were family, getting to know each of them, their loved ones, and their goals.
I live in Encino, CA but am open to acquisition in nearly any area. I currently have clients in five states. My clients are from every walk of life: 20 years old to 104 years of age, senior executives to retired school teachers.
My AUM is well over $100 million and I have a growing practice. We provide creative buyout packages depending on the needs and goals of the transitioning advisor.

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