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Southwestern Advisory Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (or "RIA") that specializes in consistently delivering financial simplicity using our proprietary Consulting, Advice, Leadership, and Coaching (or "C.A.L.C.") approach to financial advice. Our clients are either (1) financially independent with a written plan to enjoy, grow, and transition their wealth, or (2) aspiring to become financially independent; willing to make the appropriate sacrifices to implement our advice and achieve this goal as efficiently as reasonably possible.

We are also registered representatives of a broker/dealer; however, it is only for our client's convenience. We actively avoid making any recommendations that would generate a commission for our firm. If there is not a commission-free solution available to address our clients need, or we are helping a client unwind an unsuitable, commission/fee heavy investment product; we will disclose any commissions paid to our firm in writing - as a percentage and actual dollar amount - and credit the client's retainer account with one hundred percent (100%) of any commissions generated.

Our firm is only an excellent fit for advisors that will serve our clients exclusively as a fiduciary. During business hours, your sole focus must be on helping our firm's clients maintain - or achieve - financial independence. Outside the office, an advisor with Southwestern puts their faith and family first. Secondly, our advisors must be financially independent or executing their plan to achieve financial independence. We make no exceptions to any of these policies.

If your values are in alignment with ours, we hope that you will send us a message via SuccessionLink, connect with us on LinkedIn, or pick up the phone and call our office at ___-___-____. Our office hours are 7amCST to 4pmCST, Monday - Friday.

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