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We are looking for mergers, Partners and for Associate Partners, who want to become part of something larger and want a seat at the table.

If YOU are looking to make the transition from an existing RIA, from a B/D practice or just don’t know where to begin and need guidance, we want to speak with you.

Become a Partner with Legacy. Have all the benefits of your own deal with the power of the collective group. Consider the following benefits of being part of a producer group like Legacy:

a. Scale with your custodian - i.e. TD Ameritrade, Schwab. Fidelity Ticket charges, should be 50% to 60% cheaper than the deal you can get on your own. Marketing money - for software and other expenses – we have bargaining power as a group.
b. Compliance help and expense. How bad do you really want to be your own CCO? Let’s face it, we are best at what we do - gathering assets and keeping clients happy. We have our own professional CCO between us and the regulators.
c. Cost – You can’t do it cheaper. We provide billing, compliance, E&O, and eMoney, and a variety of software licenses AND PAY YOU MORE. With money left over, we distribute it back to the partners in the same ratio as was paid in.
d. An upper management team that works for us, not the other way around. We have assembled a top-notch management team. This team will help each of us build the personal practices we want, manage, and grow Legacy, which will continue to provide scale to our bottom lines.
e. Succession planning, hiring help, working with Junior Associates, etc. These are things we all need to work on. Size and scale will provide more opportunities and options for succession or sale.
f. Marketing, newsletter, websites, national image. We each represent our own brand and unique value propositions, but we can provide the compliance, templates and cost savings.
g. Brain power. Being a partner comes with a level of responsibility to the team. We all contribute to each other’s success. Remember, we are the home office. We will be contributing ideas and best practices from the market, working with Junior Associates, and discussing other practice management issues.
h. Internal money management, having our own CFA building and reviewing our model will provide our clients with a very low-cost money-management option. Having our own CFA and CCO providing due diligence efforts will keep one more person between us and the regulators.
i. Most Important- Profit! We will only charge ourselves just what it takes to run the company. Anything we overcharge ourselves will be returned to the partners at year end as the profit of Legacy. This will include profit from non-partner offices. Some offices will not meet the partner-level production minimums. For newer or smaller offices, we will help them build their company and make partner. In the meantime, they get the best possible deal and the enterprise makes a small margin on their business.

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