Brokers Wanting to Transition to RIA/Fee Only or Hybrid Model

We have a deal for you! We are looking for brokers who fit one or more of the following descriptions:
• Worried about the new fiduciary rule and how it would affect your compensation
• Wanting to move to an RIA/fee-only or hybrid model of compensation
We will take all of the worries and headaches away from you so that all you have to do is gather and retain assets under management! We will help you transition to the RIA model, using our infrastructure that is already in place. We will provide a nice office space, all of the back office support (including completion of paperwork to move accounts to our custodian, Charles Schwab, or retaining your current custodian), billing of client accounts, liaison with the Schwab operations department, IT infrastructure, full-service compliance management. In addition, you will have access to the accounting and portfolio analytics via Advent Software, MoneyGuide Pro financial planning software that aggregates all assets (including those held-away assets that you would like to move to your book of business) and RiskAlyze. You will also have access to Schwab Alliance’s third party money managers, their research platform, state-of-the art Schwab App, the Schwab robo-advisor platform, and much more!

We can provide customized financial plans (in addition to the MoneyGuide Pro option) to your clients if you just want to manage investments.

We can also be the "emergency back up" investment advisor if you are on vacation or on client calls.

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