We would like to speak with you regarding your potential fit for our practice acquisition program. Our unique program compensates you on your practice and also if you have any clients with privately held businesses. We may be able to include a portion of the value of those privately held businesses in the value we are willing to pay for your practice. This acquisition program compensates advisors based on proceeds received from the future sale of their clients’ private businesses. The inclusion of just one or two business owner clients could have a meaningful impact on the valuation of your firm.

As one of the leading firms for exit planning for business owners in Houston, our business transition advisory division specializes in helping private owners plan for and exit their businesses. In one instance we took a $158M AUM advisory practice, and within a few years advised on and sold $145M worth of privately held businesses belonging to clients of the firm, which was a large portion of how we doubled the revenue of the practice. In that instance, the advisor received substantially more money due to the monetization of some of the privately held businesses of his clients.

In addition to our transition advisory division, our wealth management platform has a strong track record in capturing 100% of our clients’ assets and on a case by case basis, we may be able to include a portion of your clients’ outside assets in your firm’s valuation.

We are a local independent firm, and will not be asking to you stay locked in for a long transition, just enough to make each party comfortable.

Please let us know when a good time to talk would be, and we can set up a call with one of our partners.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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