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I currently an advisor who is interested in possibly purchasing or joining an office that is interested in succession near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I would be willing to relocate for the right opportunity. Much of my current book of business is tied to the area where my family and I are currently living. I am a younger advisor with 5 years of industry experience and am currently the department manager/financial advisor at a bank in a small town. I oversee one other financial advisor and a sales assistant. I set the goals for the office, make sure we are working within budgets, marketing, take care of payroll, keep track of our offices volunteer opportunities within the community and also have to hit my own personal production target.

I am interested in getting back to the city because I feel the opportunities are limited where I am geographically, for both professional and personal growth (especially for my children). I have money saved to put down and should be able to acquire financing in the event an advisor would rather sell outright versus a slower integration like taking a % of revenue or us working together for a period of time.

I do plan on becoming involved, much like I am now, in community activities, and would be happy to continue whatever role the current office plays within that said community.

I'd only be interested in an independent practice.

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