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SEEKING: experienced Advisor/CFP in the Marietta area, to join my practice. The objective: to purchase my business in 24 months+. I am a solo-practitioner, CFP in Marietta, GA, IRIA/ with a fantastic independent B-D. Primarily serving the pre-retiree/retiree market and I have built a profitable AUM business with supportive practice management systems in place. What I am offering to the right person is an excellent turnkey opportunity to step into an established firm, build their business, as they prepare for a future buyout. This NOT a salaried employee situation, nor an immediate walk-in to shared fees.
PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT interested in merging with another larger firm forcing me to move my clients to a different B-Ds, nor dissolving my business.
Who would be a strong candidate?
An entrepreneurial-minded, experienced, licensed Advisor, solo-CFP, who ambitiously wants to grow organically in the near-future and sees this as an appealing path to ownership; one not offered at their current location. A solo Advisor seeking the strength of team advantage and additional services to facilitate growth. A CFP who desires to be 100% independent; not wanting limited client offerings, nor mandates or penalties for not pushing B-D products. An Advisor who wants to jump out onto their own, yet recognizing the challenge of building a business from ground up alone; in terms of general operational expertise, practice management, branding, marketing, and associated investment start-up costs. An Advisor seeing the right time to move to a better B-D; which would be required.

If you would like to begin a conversation, reach out by telling me where you are, what your business objectives are, and what barriers exist for you.

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