I can pay up to 75% cash at close, more in certain situations. Let's have a quick chat to see if a deeper conversation makes sense. ___

My practice is growing, and I've been cited in the national media on financial topics. I'm a very easy sell to your clients as the best possible solution for them. I've centered my practice around transparency, communication and risk management, which clients deeply appreciate - yours will, too.

I currently have offices in Naples but do business with clients across the country including TX, CO, FL, VA, NY, UT, CA.

This listing doesn't give you the full story. I'm 48 with significant business and market experience that doesn't track in FINRA or in current AUM. My AUM is small at the moment because I spent years exclusively research focused so I could be more than a typical FA - I wanted to help clients build portfolios that performed well during growth periods and equally importantly, held value better than the market during down periods. My years of research paid off - I'm a very competent asset manager, and your clients will benefit from that, as will you as very few clients will leave post transition.

Let's have a quick get-to-know call to see if it's worth a longer conversation. You can call me directly at ___-___-____ or email me at ___ We'll know if it's worthwhile in 5 minutes or less, so call away.

I'm interested in acquiring a small to medium sized practice ($20M - $100M AUM) and may be willing to pay a premium for the right situation, which I would define as a similar culture of client service and investment styles.

I'm open to either an immediate exit by the selling advisor, or an ongoing role of some kind if that's of interest. I'm multi-state and am willing to discuss relocating to serve the new clientele. If you have staff, I'll be very interested in keeping them to maintain stability for your clients.

If you are an aggregator, I am not interested in being rolled up into an aggregator RIA at this time. Thanks for the interest, though.

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