We are a wealth management firm with a 20+ year track record and a 95%+ client retention rate. Our focus is on holistic financial planning paired with comprehensive portfolio management. The majority of our revenue comes from recurring AUM fees. We hope to find firms and individual advisors who are interested in joining our firm to take advantage of our proven processes, network, and expertise. We are looking for older advisors who want to join our team and transition out of the industry over several years while taking advantage of our proven processes that will increase your book value while maximizing client retention and reducing your day to day workload. Ultimately we hope to retain these books through an internal buyout once the advisor is ready to retire. We also purchase books of business outright, provided they meet our purchase criteria. Additionally, we are looking for younger advisors who would like to join our team and take advantage of our proven processes and training to grow their business. Ultimately, these younger advisors will have an opportunity to participate in our internal and external acquisitions.

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