Realizing the Value of Your Business with Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management. We currently have offices in Bend, Eugene, Portland and John Day.

If you are currently in a captive environment, a solo practice, or you are within 1-3 years of wanting to retire and:
• Want to realize a higher value for your book of business.
• Want to make sure your clients are transitioned and cared for after you retire.
• Want to make an immediate or slower transition from the business and want to make sure there is support and infrastructure to assist in that transition.
• Want to focus on your clients instead of running a business and managing employees.
Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management may be the place for you.

The Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management Value Proposition

• We have experience in helping those wanting to retire realize the value of their business, transition your clients and retire.
• We have systems in place that allow for consistent and professional care of your clients.
• We can develop and implement a personalized plan that will allow you to retire quickly or over a number of years. This includes ongoing compensation for your work and a purchase of your book at the time of retirement.
• We have a solid fiscal base and systems in place that allow us to grow the business and quickly assimilate new clients and maintain a high level of customer service.
• The managing partners of the firm (Tyler and Troy) will manage the business taking care of compliance, staffing, office space, and investment management.
• You will be asked to enter a buy/sell agreement with us to ensure that in case of death or disability or upon your retirement you will be compensated for your share of the business while the clients’ needs are taken care of.
• Together we will develop a client transition plan so that the clients become clients of the firm rather than just one advisor to ensure they can be transitioned successfully.
• Prior to retirement you will remain an independent contractor of the firm. Your transitioning book of business will be distinctly tracked for purposes of compensation and sale valuation. The clients remain yours and you own them.
• Your book of business will be branded as part of Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management RIA. Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management takes an override on your gross commissions (GDC). This override covers your branding expense, compliance oversight, administrative, transition and marketing support and all other costs of doing business (office, phone, email and administrative support).
• We will include you on our website, you will have access to our portfolio models and we will provide you mentoring on making your business more profitable by transiting your book to the RIA model.
• We may be able to help you with monetary transition assistance.

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