At Bear Mountain Capital Inc. we provide comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management services to families, individuals and small businesses. Our focus is to determine the short and long-term objectives of our clients, then advise them appropriately as it pertains to savings, expenditures, taxes and investment management. Beyond planning and investment management, we service our clients on an ongoing basis which includes reviewing their portfolios quarterly and reassessing their plans, annually or as needed. Lastly, we work to provide introductions to CPA's, attorneys or other advisors who can help meet their needs as they arise.

In addition to our wealth management services described above, we also identify, create and invest in non-publicly traded investment opportunities (alternative investment funds). Our current offering Canyon Creek Investment Fund I, LLC, invests in funds whose primary purposes is underwrite real estate backed loans, provided by lenders who can satisfy a specific niche in the market, not satisfied by traditional banks. This investment is available to our wealth management clients, as well as non-clients and has provided a consistent quarterly return over the last several years.

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