$15MM AUM | $295,000 GDC in Freehold Twp, NJ

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I am a 56 year old second generation registered representative with 25 years of experience in the investment business. The first twelve years of my career were spent with a major wirehouse. The most recent thirteen years, I have been an independent adviser. My business philosophy centers around the building of an exceptional relationship with my clients based upon trust and mutual respect through effective communications, the highest standards of quality advice, and unparalleled customer service. I utilize my B.S. degree in accounting to bring added value to the relationship. My clients view me as a resource for all matters of a financial nature.

I am seeking to add clients and assets to my existing book through acquisition. By entering the business as a partner with my father, who was in the business for 40 years, I had the unique opportunity to focus on understanding various products and learning how the business works rather than cold calling for new business.

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