Our registered investment advisors have a varied background in accounting, banking, law and executive corporate management as well as investment management. We bring all of these skills together to collaborate as a team of professional independent advisors to provide a high level of "life" planning services to our individual clients. We are tenacious about keeping the costs of investing down so that our clients may keep more invested. We offer premium services at a reasonable fee that results in providing an excellent value to our clients. We have always taken and will continue to take a fiduciary role with our clients, placing their best interests first. Our clients tell us that they sincerely appreciate our ability to resolve a multitude of financial and family planning situations as well as provide investment advisory services that lead to meeting if not exceeding our client's financial goals. Our vision is to add highly qualified individuals (either through merger or acquisition) to our premiere group of independent advisors. We intend to build our relationships with accountants, attorneys and bankers so that we continue to improve our ability to provide a broad range of services.

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