We are looking to buy practices. We work exclusively with Retirees and pre-Retirees. Our typical new client is between 59 to 75 and has between $1M - $7M of assets. Our new clients have two main goals: guarantee they will not run out of money and never ever suffer through the type of big losses they went through in 2008. We provide comprehensive retirement income planning focused on risk and fee reduction. We create written plans including retirement income projections, income tax projections, beneficiary projections, and all details in a 12-24 page customized written document. We detail current and new risk, current and new fees, advantages disadvantages, fees, costs, income, taxes, legacy, and the step-by-step process for the client. We meet between 4-6 terms with client to create plan. We host "50 Shades Of Money" Radio Show every Saturday at 3PM on 1530AM KFBK. We are co-authors with Larry Kings need book due out Spring 2018. We significantly reduce risk for the vast majority of our clients, typically from a current risk level of -40% to -50%down to -5% to -10%. We increase income and guarantee some or all of out for their lifetimes. We use Stop Losses in out money management platform and very low fee fixed indeed annuities and bank monies for guarantees.

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