Our payout to IARs is 90% with some flexibility. We welcome likeminded advisors to join the team.

PVG is a money management firm and wealth manager. We are looking for likeminded investment advisors to affiliate with PVG as an IAR and to benefit from our infrastructure for their clients. We can provide succession, or to succeed other advisors. PVG would also be interested in acquisitions or helping an IAR to grow their business with marketing assistance and leads. We have had a lot of success.

We will accept accounts as small as $10,000, but also have a Family Office entity for ultra-high net worth.

Our goal is to expand our business with our current staff of 13. We are looking for team members where advisors are looking for a transition to our RIA model. Complete freedom of your clients' assets. Support on strategy selection from 2 CFAs. PVG is GIPs compliant and verified. For reps that need a B/D we have a friendly relationship.

PVG (Performance Value Growth), we have offices now in 5 states. We are seeking Advisors that would like to join an independent wealth management platform.

Services included:
1) SEC Compliance
2) Client Billing
3) Back Office Support
4) Integrated Wealth Management Platform
5) IT Support
6) Sales Force - CRM
7) Microsoft Office 365
8) SMARSH Email Capture and Review
9) Research and Access to CFAs and CFPs; join a strong team of professionals
10) E&O Insurance
11) Succession and other Advisor help if needed

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