I've been an advisor since 2011. I started in the industry after working in another field for 23 years. I'm 51 now and would like to purchase one or more books of business in order to rapidly increase AUM and my income. Ideally I would like to work with the selling advisor for at least 1 year or more in order to transition their clients and build rapport without losing any them. I am committed to my clients and they know that. I give each one as much attention as they need. Helping people become financially successful is rewarding and I love this industry and what I do.

My business now is a mix of managed money, mutual funds, all types of annuities, REITs, MLCD's, SIMPLE's, life and LTC insurance. I have a Series 7, 66 & 63. I currently do 6-8 retirement seminars per year in order to meet potential clients.

I believe that every client's needs are different and do not use the one size fits all approach. I use Money Guide Pro as a tool to show clients their chances of meeting their financial goals and being financially successful. If we work together, your clients will be treated well and receive excellent service and quick response to their needs as they arise.

If we come to an agreement, I have the resources necessary to complete the transaction.

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