I am a Senior Market Director with US Capital Advisors. We are a Texas based company and presently the fastest growing broker dealer / RIA in Texas. My company is looking to acquire other firms and business practices. Please look at our website to see if you think we could be a good fit for your business.

I am also the senior partner in a large well established Comprehensive Wealth Mgt practice. We are both a fee based and financial planning based practice. We handle financial / investment planning, investment management, lending, insurance and estate planning solutions for our clientele. My practice is also looking to acquire other wealth management practices. My team has 4 financial advisors and one support staff member. I have been in business for over 30 years. We are in a position to acquire fee based business practices. My team practices comprehensive wealth management. Investment planning, financial planning - CFP, management of investments - mostly fee based with the use of mutual funds, insurance business when there is a strong need, lending solutions and estate planning solutions. Each financial advisor has a clean U-4. I am the senior partner for the team. US Capital Advisors is a Texas based hybrid broker dealer and RIA. We clear thru fidelity - NFS. We have built quality client relationships and work with most of the legacy generations of the client households we manage.

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