I have been in the business for 10 years based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area. In that time I have done a lot of joint work with other reps helping prepare for meetings, make recommendations, meet with their clients, back up the rep when they are gone and provide an extra point of contact for their clients. My goal this year is to transition my practice towards a fee-based practice and to build the advisory part of my business and transition away from the joint work I have done in the past in order to build equity in my own practice. I am interested in purchasing a practice located in the Twin Cities Metro area, greater Minnesota and/or Western Wisconsin. My primary focus in this business is to do what's best for the client and to go above and beyond expectations. This is how I've treated my clients and this is the same culture I plan to bring to the clients in your practice.

I want to make an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to you and myself and am happy to do it over time or immediately - whatever suits your needs. Feel free to reach out and ask questions if you think we might be a fit.

Thank you!

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