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We are an RIA, Tax Planning and Prep, Law and Doc Prep and Financial Planning firm. We are looking to either merge or be acquired. We have a 55% profit margin, 30%+ yoy growth rate, fully operational firm that is not totally dependent on owner. We are looking for a firm with more than 500 ml AUM, and either is a fully operational family office or interested in acquiring a family office model to increase revenue and client retention. Our client retention is 95%. We also have subscription income coming from Registered Agent Fees, Entity Registration Fees, ongoing business consulting, hourly fees, tax returns, AUM. The requirements are that we have a cultural and philosophy match. We do not use mutual funds or variable annuities and only manage models in ind. stocks, ETFs, and bonds. We are open to a DP of at least 70% with up to a one year workout. The principals do not want to continue to be in operations or production but would like to get back to more public media and marketing and drive leads back to the firm and work out a referral agreement with the new operators.

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