$18MM AUM | $140,000 GDC in El Paso, TX

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Ideal buyer would need to be local (preferable) as my relationship with my clients is more personal rather than digital. 31 years in practice, started in insurance, became an independent advisor about 8 years ago. Practice is combo Retirement Plans (401k and Simple IRA), Managed Money, Mutual Funds, sizable book of small group health plans. The ideal buyer would purchase the entire book, both insurance side and FA side, as many of my 401k clients are also in the small group health plans. I'm looking to sell in 3 years (2021) so for now I'm looking to network and find someone to put into my exit plan to be introduced 6 months to a year in advance.

Here are the numbers from the health insurance portion of the book:
Annual Gross Revenue: $45,000
100% Life/Health - group health plans
16 groups containing individuals

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