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We offer 14 portfolio models based on our deep and experience in the closed-end fund and business development company (a type of CEF) universe. We have our own data business and a fund we sell through financial advisors. The bulk of our work is solving income problems for clients primarily in New York, Chicago, California, Florida, Metro Washington DC and Texas. We focus of optimizing for Beta, Duration, Tax Friction and Correlation risk while in a multi sector, multi manager fund of funds approach to investing.

We use two sub-advisors where appropriate for client assets. 1. A Quantitative Discount Capture manager using 100% CEFs with a 10+ year GIPS verified record of significant total return performance. 2. A options firm in Chicago, which can offer us custom option strategies at the client account level.

We are a TD Ameritrade based RIA firm, open to other platform for a partner but it has been the best place for us to solve our client and trading needs.

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