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Nearly three years ago my partner and I changed firms, making what we believed then and know now was the best professional decision we have ever made. Our practice is ready and willing to grow, and our company supports and encourages that growth. We would like to discuss BUYING YOUR PRACTICE, OR BRINGING YOU TO OUR FIRM with the understanding that you will work to bring your clients and then look at retirement. We are quite able to step up to be your continuity plan, and you can rest assured your clients will be in the best possible hands (other than yours, of course). My partner and I are among the few left in the industry who will build a stock portfolio from individual stocks and a bond portfolio from individual bonds, if that is the client's wish. Our business mix (products, fee vs. commission, etc.) is flexible in order to provide bespoke solutions to our clients. The depth and breadth of direct experience we bring to the table means clients can be assured we have likely been through most kinds of situations and we are completely prepared to offer appropriate solutions that meet their needs individually. Clients who work in partnership with us are able to feel absolute confidence in their investment and financial decisions.

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