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We are a good fit for an independent advisor, planner, CPA, insurance agent or group with the plan of building or bringing a book of business and make the business grow by sharing efforts and capabilities.

We are two partners (40s & 50s) with MBAs and many years of wirehouse and entrepreneurial experience. One of the partners is focused on money management and the other on business development. We are originally from Latin America, with more than 8 years in south Florida (Miami, Doral, and Boca Raton). We are fluent in English and Spanish, and part of our business is with LATAM customers.

We have our own office and trained staff ready to scale for a new or existing business. We do financial planning and have an innovative approach to niche marketing. We have two customer segments $ 50k - 250K and above $ 250K. We can buy small accounts' book of business since we have an operational structure that works well with that segment.

We will consider buying, merging or continuity planning with other small firms that will share our client focus and complement our Practice. You can find us as Grove Wealth Management in Miami, FL.

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