Starting with zero assets under management, we have been able to organically grow our firm to $80 million of client assets, consisting mostly of advisory business.

We have been fortunate enough to reach the point where we are only accepting new clients through introductions from our top clients.

Using careful client segmentation and by developing and refining our client service model over the years, we have turned our top clients into true advocates for our firm.
How did we do this? We segmented our clients, ran pro-active systematic reviews, we look panoramically at our clients’ financial picture and help them put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, we touch base on holidays, birthdays and more. We send monthly, personalized videos directly to their email and we let our clients know that we are open for business. By following this (and more!), we have built a successful, turn-key model that continues to generate business for us.

Having CFP’s on staff and advisors that are in full-growth mode, we are now able to easily scale this model. We would love to bring in an established advisor that we can help and also reward financially. I have not mentioned, we have fun while doing this! We certainly work hard, but we want to enjoy our time, our families and each ___ I think we have done a good job of that.

If an advisor is a good fit for us, we would now be able to seamlessly add them to our new website, update fee schedules and provide all investment models. We can also assist heavily in the transition of a book of business to make sure that it moves quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more, reach out and let’s get a coffee, lunch or meet for Happy Hour! We always welcome good conversation.

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