I am seeking a like-minded advisor to succeed me should I become disabled or pass away. My clients are long-term clients with an average relationship of 15+ years. Almost all assets are in tax-deferred IRAs. I use ETFs and individual stock/bonds in the majority of accounts. Some clients have individual bonds for predictable income. Mutual funds are used only occasionally and mostly as floating rate funds. Most of my clients are either post retirement or within 3-5 years of retirement. Many clients have multiple, fee-based accounts (ie. trust, husband/wife IRAs, individual IRA rollovers, etc.) There is one, large EIA that has passed the surrender charge period. It may or may not be moved into another annuity inside or outside LPL's advisory platform. Most clients have a growth or growth/income orientation and several are now drawing RMD income. Insurance is a negligible part of my practice. When I have provided it, it was for term insurance and occasionally LTC insurance. I do not do, nor would I do, any cash value or universal life insurance. I meet with some clients several times a year, and a few, only once a year. I assist in overseeing estate and tax planning and will work with the clients' tax preparer and attorney for advice on financial planning as related to their expertise. Having a real estate broker's license and familiar with investment real estate and 1031 exchanging is a plus since most of my clients own rental properties, primarily out of state. Being fee-based and a CFP Certificant is required.
I do not have any small business clients, nor did I seek them. I do not use non-liquid investments nor alternative investments, even though most of my clients are "accredited" investors. I realize that I am not immortal and would like to find someone who would manage my client accounts in much the same way I would.

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