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FFP Wealth Management, LLC provides a high level of client service that includes investment management with financial planning that includes in-depth cash flow and income tax analysis and estate planning with a focus on transfers of IRA, 401(k) and other accounts of retained income, income tax preparation and more. FFP's founder invented the Tax SuperSheet(r), a proprietary tax planning software that is easy to use as well as easy for clients to understand. This is the centerpiece to our financial planning and estate planning practice.

The founder of FFP entered the financial services industry in 1990, FFP has over 20 years as an established firm with full advisor support including back office, administrative, compliance and other operational needs.

FFP is looking to expand through merger or acquisition of other financial and income tax firms, practices or individuals. We look forward to learning more about your practice. We have two office locations: one in the Northern Minneapolis suburbs and one in St. Paul Suburbs (Mendota Heights).

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