Representing over 100 years combined experience in wealth management, the ConfidentVision team embraces the old adage “It’s not what one makes, It’s what one keeps that makes the difference.” As ConfidentVision’s founding partner and “The Strategic Advisor” to his clients, Jan Mohamed, with over 40 years in the industry, coordinates with the client’s advisors essential in the creation, development and on-going management of a successful strategy or legacy.

Barbara Sullins, Senior Partner and right hand to Jan for over 20 years, matches Jan’s passion and enthusiasm for the industry and provides clients with a customized and comprehensive financial plan backed by years of experience.

Clients come to ConfidentVision for different reasons. They may be approaching retirement, selling a business or dealing with business continuity issues, inheriting wealth, planning for the next generation or they simply want help developing a better plan for their investments or company benefits. Many have a good CPA and attorney but are looking for a firm to serve as the quarterback and sounding board for their broader financial picture. Regardless of the specific motivation, they desire a firm like ConfidentVision which is committed to the fiduciary standard and dedicated to doing what is best for the client.

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