We are an independent and comprehensive private wealth manager running our own portfolios. We do not use many mutual fund and do not work with any Third Party Money Managers. We serve individuals, families some corporate cash and foundations. We are fee based. We are a SEC Registered RIA using Fidelity Custody and Clearing. In addition, we provide 321 and 338 fiduciary oversight services to Plan Sponsors on behalf of their corporate retirement plans. Of the $642mm in assets, $420mm represents retirement plans that we currently consult on a mostly flat fee basis. Over the years we have advised on well over $1.5 B in retirement plan assets. We have invested in technology to create a operationally streamlined, sophisticated and efficient firm. We are interested in attracting the next generation to fold into our firm, help grow the firm, learn our model and ultimately transition to future leadership. Please reach out to learn more.

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