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I am 1/3 of a family run practice and looking to grow aum as we bring on more advisors. Focused largely on Retirement Income Planning and Business Succession planning we have a strong ethics and research focus, placing client needs above all else, and with the 3 advisors in our office ranging from age 33-62 our client age and demographic mix is fairly diverse.

We would welcome someone looking to sell to or join our practice. Preferably the selling practice has been focused on advisory accounts and/or has begun that transition discussion. We manage most of our own models to reduce drag on client portfolios and utilize alternatives and other products to reduce overall out of pocket cost to the client.

The three of us have different specialties from managed account/portfolio construction, annuity and insurance knowledge, traditional stock and bond investing, and overall education focused communication with the clients. If you feel we would be a good home for your clients, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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