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We are 100% dedicated to being our clients' investment management specialist. We rarely deploy mutual funds for exposure and are U.S. equity specialists utilizing SMAs, where we pick stocks one at a time. We are looking to grow our firm via: 1) acquiring advisory firms that no longer wish to stay in the business and want a trusted firm to assume their business; and 2) bringing on advisors that wish to join a firm that is investment-centric and have a conscience when it comes to fees. Perhaps you are an advisor that wishes to continue their relationships and build new ones, but have no desire of "running" a firm. We will offer above-average payouts to RIAs that wish to join our firm and let us handle the investment management and the bulk of client reviews. Our managing partner has 25+ years experience managing investment portfolios and picking stocks and has managed billions of dollars for top Wall Street firms such as Bankers Trust, Deutsche Asset Management, Evergreen Investments, Julius Baer, etc. In addition, assets managed were within the three predominant areas typical in the investment arena: pensions/institutional; RIA & broker-dealer (mutual funds). This offers multiple growth opportunities for advisors. In addition, our experience includes several years working within the Private Client Group within Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank and we understand the specialization required at the client level to win, maintain and enhance client relationships. We have several proprietary investment strategies we offer to clients as part of their single advisory fee they pay us, Our track records are extensive (12+ years) and offer strong relative performance in the smallcap and largecap segments of the market. We launched another proprietary, all-stock, dividend-only product three years a go that is popular with clients that currently offers a 4% dividend yield. If you demand that your buyer or partner has extensive investment management expertise, I think we offer one of the most compelling firms you will find in the small-firm arena. Please contact us to partner.

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