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The practice's main focus is on financial planning and wealth management for professionals, business owners and their families. I am a dual Canada/U.S. licensed Financial Advisor with the ability to help both Americans and Canadians with cross-border investment solutions. My business partner is retiring in approximately 5 years and we are actively looking for a junior advisor to join the team. We are also actively looking for books of business to acquire and the firm has a very experienced transition team ready to help any potential sellers in not only moving their practice, but to be paid well for the transition. Our practice is experienced in integrating clients in an efficient and comfortable way to ensure low turn over. We have experience in managing a large geographic business as our client base is spread across 3 Canadian provinces and 5 US states. Our processes are designed to make sure that regardless of where the clients reside that they are looked after with a high degree of professionalism and care.

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