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I am a seasoned 20-year CFP in a well-respected financial planning and wealth management firm. We have three offices and I manage one office and have two assistants. I do comprehensive financial planning for most clients through the use of financial planning software for a flat fee. I then manage assets on an AUM Fee, charged quarterly. I have life, accident and health lines of authority for life, annuity, and LTC insurance needs. Insurance is not my primary focus. I used to outsource insurance business however, I have been unimpressed with insurance "sales" representatives. I have tools to analyze the insurance "needs" for clients and help them understand how insurance would benefit them.

I have successfully completed a practice purchase and understand how the process works. I am looking to grow my practice through the acquisition of other financial planning practices as I am able to dedicate the time necessary for the transition. I am willing to purchase a practice with well-established relationships with the current advisor. Discussions and details on each client would be required as well as an introduction. The starting point is a conversation. I encourage you to reach out if I have peaked your interest.

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