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We established our RIA in 2010 after 30+ years with broker dealer. We are fiduciaries and I am proud of our compliance culture and desire to do the right thing for our clients. Our first rule of marketing is to hang on to what we already have so we use the Bill Good marketing system to stay in regular contact with our customers with out becoming annoying! We custody with TD Ameritrade and do some business with no load annuities at Jefferson National for tax deferral. I started writing variable annuities with AXA Equitable in 1977 and have extensive knowledge of annuities and life insurance.

I am a CFP, ChFC, CLU and Accredited Investment Fiduciary and have another CFP and CPA in our offices. Our goal is to seamlessly transition your people into our organization and treat them with the respect you know they deserve. If you are interested we will provide as many details as possible. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to meeting you.

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