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We are a growing RIA in Southern California. We are interested in honest, ethical and hardworking advisors and firms to join our team. We believe that every well thought out financial plan needs to be complemented with a diversified wealth management strategy. Similar to endowments and foundations, a central premise to our investment methodology is that alternative investments play a key role in portfolio construction. To fully support our research, we have a strong team of experts using advanced factor analytics (___) to benefit our clients and our team. We have invested heavily in the team, compliance, technology and research. We have a great team of 11 people including CFA, CIMA, CAIA, and CFP.

Of importance to you, in the last 3 years, we have completed 4 transactions that benefited all stakeholders. We are well capitalized and able to meet our future partners' timelines.

We primarily clear through Schwab and Fidelity but open to others if it helps the client. We welcome a discussion with like minded advisers who feel our platform will benefit their clients, their firm and their team.

LIke you, we are extremely focused on culture and fit for the client, your team, and you. We look forward to beginning a conversation!

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