Our family office brings together a select group of professionals to coordinate all aspects of your financial affairs. This includes but is not limited to retirement income planning, wealth management, proactive tax planning, healthcare planning, comprehensive estate planning, charitable giving, and legacy planning. We assist business owners with growth planning, employee retention programs, and show them how to successfully transition into retirement via tax efficient exit strategies.

Our multi-disciplinary professional team, include wealth advisers, accountants, estate planning attorneys, healthcare and insurance planning experts. Many of our professionals have advanced degrees and a collective experience record of over 60 plus years. We're fiduciaries to 100% of our clients, 100% of the time, and required by law to act in their best interests.

Our meticulous and holistic Retirement Roadmap planning process will dramatically clarify your life goals, and your path to achieving them. Your financial life is centralized and streamlined. Your outlook changes as you begin to feel a lot more relaxed and in control. Our clients tell us it’s a breath of fresh air having all their advisors so easily accessible, talking to each other and planning on their behalf.

Florida registered investment adviser located in Nokomis, Florida. Investment Advisory Services offered on a fee basis through AWM. AWM has selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.(“Schwab”) as primary custodian for our clients’ accounts. Member SIPC. AWM and Schwab are not affiliated. This communication is intended for those residing in the State of Florida only.

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