We are an RIA based in San Francisco looking to buy and/or merge with other fee based RIAs or sole practitioners. We are a tight knit, service based team and culture fit is a crucial component for us. We have enjoyed ~47% annualized growth over the past 5 years and are actively growing both organically and inorganically. Our average HH is ~1.6M in assets and we leverage our strong client base in the tech sector to fuel organic growth. We have a dedicated recruiting team that grows the firm inorganically through partnerships and M&A. The ideal advisors/firms are 50M+ in AUM who are looking to roll in to a larger firm for scalability and growth opportunities. There are no non-competes and advisors retain 100% ownership over their client base with an option to participate in the larger entity, if appropriate. We currently have offices in Hawaii, California (NorCal & SoCal), Montana, New Jersey, New York, and South Florida.

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