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I am not interested in merging into a large firm. I am interested in offering salary and benefits in exchange for business development and client services for new/young FA to get started in the business until they have enough AUM to support themselves in an independant FA role as we grow into a multi-planner practice/partnership with a succession/continuity plan. Would need to have or obtain CFP certification. I am a 49 year old sole-practitioner CFP with 26 years experience and all FINRA licenses. Went independant in mid-2017 and never looked back. My practice is a $96m AUM hybrid IAR utilizing a multi-custodial, fee-based advisory platform with LPL as B/D and primary asset custodian. 98% of our revenues are asset-based advisory fees. I provide financial planning and discretionary, goal-oriented asset management within an asset-based pricing model. Our target market is local mass-affluent individuals and families. I currently have two experienced, non-registered staff members. One is 7 & 66 licensed and focuses on business development and client services. The other is non-licensed and focuses on administrative duties, such as account opening and maintenance, funds transfers, etc. We utilize eMoney Pro as our financial planning software, Refinitiv for market data, Morningstar for research and RedTail as our CRM.

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