My objective is to create synergistic partnerships or succession plans as a buyer. I have always respected what advisors build over time, the relationships steeped in trust that they establish and I sincerely understand that clients want continuity as a part of their ___ in transition.

With almost 20 years of experience in investment advice, I am very interested in acquiring books of business and am taking a consultative approach to best suit a seller's desires for their clientele. I will also respect your desired method to retire, exit or stay on as a consultant and continue to enjoy the benefits of a fair agreement. In that regard, I am also very understanding that many advisors may want office space to remain in touch with clientele as the transition proceeds. Let's discuss. I am most interested in succession plans over a 1-5 year period so that continuity for both of us is almost assured. I feel that sellers' and clients' objectives should be met after we consult and that fairness in negotiations will create mutual respect. Please feel free to reach out and I will respond quickly.

In addition, with a strong network of advisors across all firms and platforms, I know many advisors who are considering an exit from the business or are purchasing practices and may be able to put similar types of advisors or groups of advisors with scalable practices together in order to create the continuity you seek if we do not fit. Integrity and trust are very important to me and vow to keep all discussions confidential as we proceed.

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