We are a 100% fee-based RIA, managing most client assets via our proprietary investment models primarily consisting of mutual funds, individual bonds, ETF's, and stocks. We allow complete customization of investment models, while striving to only invest in our best ideas. We will hold legacy investments when it is in the best interest of the client, such as investments with imbedded capital gains, avoiding excessive taxes or exit fees, etc. We manage investments by consensus, paying close attention to risk and asset allocation.

We are looking to expand our business via an acquisition or an advisor joining our practice. We take our Fiduciary Duty very seriously, and always put the interest of the clients first, so all candidates should be like-minded. We will not become a hybrid BD/RIA, and will not sell insurance products (Although we may manage investments inside annuities acquired elsewhere.) We offer hourly fee Financial Planning and Investment Management for clients who prefer an alternative to asset-based fee compensation.

Our ideal acquisition partner would like to retire or exit the business within 3 years, and has a strong commitment to make sure their clients are well cared-for.

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