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We are a group of individual advisers and one executive looking to merge/acquire an existing RIA firm in the Greater Seattle or surrounding area. We are NOT affiliated with a roll-up shop or platform nor do we wish to be. Our ideal partner has an established RIA firm and is working with one of the big 4 custodians (Fidelity, TD, Schwab or Pershing). Our advisers currently work at an RIA firm but wish to chart our own path. Our lead adviser has family ties to both Seattle and San Francisco and has focused exclusively on traditional practice work for the past 22 years and is currently working with 160 families. Our executive has deep experience on the institutional side of the business and brings technology, acquisition, recruiting and practice management expertise. We are high integrity fair minded individuals looking for a win win situation. Our future partner will benefit from our assets, energy and growth in exchange for leveraging their infrastructure. Let us be your succession plan and provide stability and continuity for your clients. We could start our own firm but would rather find someone that we like and trust to partner with. With assets, people and better technology comes scale. Let us help you and your firm be more efficient by focusing on what your enjoy doing most.

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