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After beginning our careers as Financial Advisor Associates with Morgan Stanley in 2010, my business partner and I decided to establish an independent fee based practice out of Pleasanton, CA. I manage the private wealth division while my partner manages our retirement plan division (assets not included in our firm bio but equate to roughly 225mm under advisement).

We constructed both sides of our practice from the ground up with the sole mission of creating the most positive client experience possible. Both CFP professionals, we are fully committed to the fiduciary standard of care in all aspects of our practice.

I am registered under the BayBridge Capital Group RIA while my business partner operates as an IAR under our RIA as well as an RR under a boutique B/D. Though the vast majority of our total revenue comes from fee based business, he maintains this affiliation in the event that a client or potential partnering advisor requests it. We are also both licensed to provide life insurance solutions.

Having successfully acquired a retirement plan book of business in 2016, we are now ready to partner with an established private wealth advisor who is considering their succession options.

We utilize many of the technological advancements available within private wealth management, are able to keep our cost of service very reasonable because of it, and strive to provide a high touch, completely comprehensive financial planning/investment management experience for our clients.

An ideal partner for us would be one who operates mostly under a fee based arrangement with their clients, currently utilizes or wants for their clients to benefit from the support of technology, and holds the best interest of their client well above their own.

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