We are interested in providing liquidity and succession planning opportunities for your practice.

The Albany Advisor Group based in Albany, NY consists of 4 Financial Advisors and 2 Sales Assistants, including 3 CFPs, 1 ChFC, 1 CLU, and 1 CDFA, with a focus on comprehensive financial planning and fee-based Investment Management. Our risk-based methodology has been in place for the better part of two decades and has a proven track record for managing volatility in a variety of market conditions. We believe our strength is correctly interpreting a client's financial plan so that we may take the correct amount of risk with their assets. We operate on a non-discretionary basis and believe this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We believe an ideal candidate has a client base that is interested in maintaining a close relationship with their advisor to guide them through the accumulation, growth, and disposition of their assets. We would require a soft transition of a client base to minimize attrition and ensure continuity between advisory teams. We have previously completed a multi-year buy-out of an advisor's book. We can offer creative deal solutions which are amenable to all parties.

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