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I launched Protege Wealth Planning a month ago, as a way to provide affordable financial planning services to clients online. Protege WP provides a modern way to make smart financial decisions. Clients receive a comprehensive financial plan, access to an online wealth planning portal and quarterly video/phone meetings with me, a Certified Financial Planner. As a new firm, I feel confident in my business model and technology platform, but I’m starting to recognize how long it will take to grow my firm. I see Succession Link as a potential way to connect me with an advisor who believes in my business model and my value. In my previous role, I worked at UBS for 3 years partnering with financial advisors to deliver financial plans to their clients. I worked on clients with assets ranging from $500k to $600M. I’m experienced on advanced planning topics like: executive compensation, divorce planning, estate planning, business exit planning and tax planning.

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