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I am looking for an Advisor, who works thru Voya Financial and who would like to increase their assets under management and their current client database in the Providence, RI area.

I am retiring in the next 3 to 5 months and have a client database with approx 300 clients with assets totaling around $18 million. This is an independent financial services firm with clients located predominately in the RI area. I have provided investment services, retirement planning strategies and financial services to individuals from all walks of life for the last 24+years.

My practice specializes in Retirement Planning and providing mutual fund and variable annuity options to clients. Annuity sales are now very consistent at about $2.5 million each year. For the last 5 years, the practice has provided an annual income between $100K and $230K, simply by servicing the clients and identifying/satisfying their investment needs. Many of the clients are now beginning retirement and are needing direction with their retirement monies, which is going to provide additional income opportunities for the right Advisor.

During a transition period, a new advisor could take advantage of: 1) my client-friendly website, 2) my established 1-800 service, and 3) my detailed Contact Manager Program which documents the activity history for each client.

My clients are used to my 24-hr availability and annual face-to-face reviews. For the right Advisor, this opportunity would be a fabulous complement to their established practice. Yes, I would gladly share in the transitioning efforts with a successor.

If you are interested, please contact me thru the Succession Link process. Thank you.

Bill M.

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