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I'm a reformed wholesaler who came over to the other side of the table. My practice will continue to be a fee based model, with client service as the most important part of what I do. I believe staying in contact with clients at least one phone call a month, and 2-3 meetings per year, is the way to keep clients happy and stay on top of their financial lives. I have found a niche with lawyers, small business owners and people in the healthcare industry. I fully believe every client should have a financial assessment and a financial plan, regardless of if they have $200,000 or $200 million. Planning is very important and that is why I'm working towards my CFP designation.
I'm looking to purchase a book that is predominantly in the southeastern part of the country, Alabama, panhandle of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia. I've lived all over the country myself, so I have no problems with satellite clients, but want the bulk of the book to be near home.

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