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I am one member of a team. We operate both as independent and interdependent advisors within our group. Our goal is to provide a landing place for quality advisor that want a team approach , but still have the flexibility to operate as an individual. We are also willing to provide capital for someone to transition out of the business in pursuit of retirement or a different adventure. We have capacity to purchase or arrange future buyouts for practices that do not have a continuity program currently. Our efficiencies will allow for greater capacity with our existing group or to help support another team member. We are very selective with adding partners. It is not our goal to be the largest, but being the best advisors for our clients and our team members. Our structure allows for detailed financial planning, money management through models, or creating and helping you run your model. We have a full complement of investment vehicles available, such as, a full range of insurance, annuities and any product that will fit your practice structure. We have a Certified Financial Analyst within our group that is integral in making us the best in the business. We also have an office of attorneys attached to our building and available to you as needed. Our payout structure is one of the highest you will find in the industry without recreating the wheel and doing it all yourself. If you want to be truly independent and still have great structure to help, we should talk.

I am open to having great conversations with anyone that is also open to options on a confidential basis. I do not have a one way model and will entertain any thought as to possibilities within the industry.

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