My business is comprised of mutual funds, managed money, stocks, bonds, and annuities - fixed and variable. I manage about 1750 accounts. As of now I am the only advisor in the office. I have almost 34 years of experience as an advisor.

I'm on this platform to connect with other like-minded advisors who would possibly entertain the idea of working alongside me in my office as I have 2 additional office spaces within the building that can be utilized. The ultimate goal is to identify a successor and I'm hoping that the advisor(s) that work alongside me would be interested in becoming my successor at some point in the future when I am ready to retire, estimated in 2025 to 2027. I'm not sure I'd necessarily "merge" our books at this time as I still plan to manage my own clients, but it could be a possibility under certain circumstances or in the future.

I'm looking for longevity - I'd like someone who will be working for at least another 15-20 years or so, perhaps a younger advisor. This advisor doesn't necessarily need to have a large book of business, but it is important for me that this advisor has or is willing to obtain a series 7 license. Due to the fact I want someone in the office, this advisor should be willing to drive to, and work daily out of my Wauwatosa office.

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