$200MM AUM | $2MM GDC in Lake Oswego, OR

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Johnstone Financial Advisors is a fee-only, boutique RIA located in downtown Lake Oswego, near upscale shopping and restaurants.
All advisors are experienced, salaried, fiduciary CFPs who are trained to put you and your clients first.

Choose a buyer who knows how to nurture you and your clients through the transition process.

You will be treated to a smooth and organized acquisition with professionals who work closely with you to make the experience as comfortable and straight-forward as possible.
Each client is guided through a personalized savings and investment plan, and each client is contacted regularly to update their long term goals and to monitor progress toward those goals. We have extremely high client retention and satisfaction. Our office is both professional and cozy, and our staff is friendly and relaxed.

At the very least, let's meet and share ideas. We'd love to meet you.


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