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I'm the President and majority shareholder in Sovereign Capital Vantage, Inc. We are a pure RIA, with no Broker Dealer Affiliation. The company is also a licensed Insurance Agency, though we are not currently focusing on insurance, we are prepared for growth in that direction. I chose to build Sovereign Capital as a pure RIA, because I don't want any ambiguity with respect to our position as a fiduciary. I opened the company in June of 2017, though my experience in the investing world goes back to 1993. I transitioned from a large national Broker Dealer, where I managed more than $30,000,000 AUM, because of my desire to serve my clients' best interests without pressure to act in ways I believed were contrary to that.

We do not deal in prepackaged investment products, but work exclusively through portfolios of high quality stocks that we have developed internally. I have a very successful track record of beating the market and producing great returns for my clients while exposing them to less risk than many typical mutual funds. In 2018, every client who was with us through the whole year, and gave us discretionary trading authority, which was 56 accounts, saw their investments beat the S&P 500 by an average of more than 8%.

I take my role as a fiduciary very seriously, and consider my primary goal giving my clients' an ever growing peace of mind financially. When I consider the possible outcome of a strategy, I ask myself if the likely outcome would produce peace of mind, or stress for my clients.

One of my greatest strengths is retaining clients. When I worked in the Broker Dealer world, I took over an office with about 300 clients. The former advisor had been in the office five years and was seeking to move business. I lost approximately 5 clients.

In the time Sovereign Capital Vantage has been in business, we have lost only a single client. This is something very important to you, as a potential seller. If the buyer of your practice does an exceptional job at retaining clients, you are exposed to less risk.

I've bought three companies in the past, one of which was a large Property and Casualty Agency. In Missouri, I was President, board member, and key shareholder in a Financial Holding Company that owned a Group Health Insurance Agency subsidiary as well as an RIA subsidiary. When we acquired the Property and Casualty Agency, I took the lead on it and learned a great deal. I'm interested in expanding Sovereign Capital Vantage in three areas. 1. Memphis, TN, 2. Mississippi Gulf Coast, and 3. St. Louis.

Our office is a few miles from Memphis, so that's the area we mainly operate in currently. I travel regularly to Biloxi, MS, where I'm the President of the Board of a charitable organization. As a result of my work there, I'm building some good connections and believe this area could be a wise choice for expansion. I have an individual in the St. Louis area I'm working to bring into my business who would be there to help with expansion. I also went to High School in Hazelwood, so I have quite a few connections in that area. The size practice I'm focused on, is $30,000,000 AUM or less. The higher the percentage of revenues made up of fees the better. I'm not planning to conduct commission business, so commission clients would need to transition to fee to remain with the firm after the merger.

If this looks like a good fit to you, I look forward to a discussion.

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