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Ty J. Young, Inc. Wealth Management (TJY) would like to discuss the purchase of your firm. TJY was founded over twenty years ago out of the home of our founder, Ty Young. The company is now a nationwide firm with clients in all fifty States. We are headquartered in Atlanta and have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our team is comprised of over thirty qualified executives, advisers, and administrative professionals whose mission is to make a positive difference in every life we touch. Our investment strategy centers around safety of principle and a reasonable rate of return.

The centerpiece of TJY is our award-winning customer service. Our customer service team is two and a half times larger than our team of financial advisers. This client-centered approach generates a high degree of loyalty among our clients. We currently have almost 5,000 clients and last year only three chose to move their financial business to another firm.

TJY has partnered with many investment advisers throughout the last few years, purchasing their book of business. In every case, our stellar customer service made the selling adviser look like a hero because s/he left the clients in caring hands. In addition, our CEO, Ty Young, is regularly seen on CNBC, FOX Business, and FOX News. So when we purchase a book of business, many clients feel they already know Ty and can trust him. These factors increase client retention as well as promote feelings of good-will toward you and your decision to sell the practice.

TJY is expanding our presence in cities around the nation. As part of this strategy, we desire to open an office in your area. We believe our common goals of providing top-rated customer service and sound financial advice, coupled with TJY’s name recognition and 20+ years’ experience, make us a great match. TJY’s purchase of your firm would allow your legacy and positive reputation to continue, long after you sell your business. We hope you will consider further conversations with us.

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